Welcome to the Journey.

6 02 2007



Journeying With Jesus Towards the Cross

Lent, those days before Easter that commemorate the 40 days Jesus spent out in the wilderness before his ministry began, invites us to contemplate our own Christian journey and consider the disciplines we need to become the people God intends us to become. How can we deepen our relationship to God as we meet with and represent Christ through our words and action?

During Lent this year we invite you to join us on a journey with Jesus towards the Cross, a journey that we hope will change our lives forever. We want to challenge you to set aside time to deepen your relationship with God by entering the brokenness of our world. Allow yourself to encounter Christ as you reflect on all the aspects of your life and of our world that distort your ability to live as effective representatives of God and God’s kingdom.

Enter the Weekly Challenge

Over the six weeks of Lent as we journey with Christ toward the cross we want to examine these areas of brokenness and explore how we can move closer to God and more effectively be God’s hands of healing and wholeness. Our journey will begin with an exploration of the barriers within ourselves that resist God’s will. In the second and third weeks we will confront some of the barriers that separate us from other human beings. In the fourth week we will explore barriers that separate us from God’s creation. In the fifth week of Lent we will confront some of the barriers that isolate us from other parts of God’s family and in Holy week (the sixth week) we will focus on Good Friday and Jesus final walk to the Cross.


Download our Lenten guide Journey with Jesus Toward the Cross as a pdf file

View video An Invitation to Journey on Christine Sine’s blog www.godspace.wordpress.com

Add your comments and reflections to our blog www.mustardseedjourney.wordpress.com

Send us your photos, reflections, poems or artwork so that we can make it a part of our Stations of the Cross on Good Friday mail@msainfo.org







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