The Passover meal

5 04 2007

Carrying the crossThe following reflection was sent to us earlier this week by Douglas Woods who celebrated the Jewish Passover with his family this year. It impacted me powerfully as I considered my own busy life and the contrast between what I do with my days and the incredible event we are celebrating. It seemed a very appropriate reflection for the day before Good Firday.

Today, the 15th day of the month of Nisan was Passover. It struck me as I went about my busy day today that just shy of 2000 years ago today, Jesus died, but that for God all time is now.

While I was busy getting the kids off to school, Jesus was busy staggering his cross to Calvary.

While I was busy at the store buying my bitter herbs, Jesus was busy being nailed to the cross.

While I was busy choosing the Seder wine, Jesus was rejecting the wine with gall.

While I went through my busy day – doing both good and evil – Jesus hung on the cross and took it all.

While the kids were packing up there school supplies, Jesus was commending his Mother to John.

While I was busy picking up the kids, Jesus was busy dieing.

While I went about preparing our Seder Dinner, Joseph of Arimathea was negotiating for Jesus’ body.

While our family celebrated our simple Seder dinner, Joseph and Nicodemius buried Jesus in the tomb.

While I was busy washing the dishes the authorities were busy sealing His tomb.

It was a very busy day.




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17 08 2007
Land of Home Improvement

Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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