The Journey Is Just Beginning

9 04 2007

This beautiful quilt submitted by Carol Honderich is the last of our Lenten offerings. I have saved it until after Easter because it seems to sum up the whole of the journey that we have taken together over the last few weeks. But I also realize as I reflect on its message that our journey is not really over but just beginning.

What decisions have you made during Lent and Easter this year that will have a lasting impact on your life? What changes have you decided to make that flowed from your reflections during this season? We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas from what we have shared and suggestions for the next step of the journey.


Although I didn’t make this for this series, I would like to share a Lent Quilt that I made a few years ago. There are seven blocks – each block (week) following the Life of Jesus from prophecy to resurrection. The blocks are traditional quilt blocks, selected for the connection I could make with the season and the story of Jesus. The fabrics are satins. The border and sashing quilting design (difficult to see in this photo) is a grapevine, with (top left) the Communion Wine Goblet and Bread and (top right) the Crown of Thorns and the nails of the cruxifiction.

The Blocks/Themes of this quilt are:

(Top Center) Star and Cross – the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah – prophecy of his birth (star) and death (cross).

(Row 2 – Left) Road to Jerusalem – Both figuratively and actually, the life and ministry of Jesus was a “road to Jerusalem.” This block has significance for Jesus’ entire life, and for the three years of his ministry, and especially for the days prior to the Last Supper, the cruxifiction and resurrection.

(Row 2 – Right) Hosannah – Representing Palm Sunday

(Row 3 – Center) Golgatha – Representing the Cruxifiction

(Row 4 – Left) Cross and Crown – Representing the fulfillment of the prophecy – even death did not prevent Jesus from becoming the King of Kings.

(Row 4 – Right) Lilies – the traditional flower of Easter, used in this quilt block to represent Easter Sunday and Jesus’ resurrection.

Thanks again for your meaningful series.

Carol Honderich, Marketing Assistant

Mennonite Mission Network




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