The New Conspirators: The Mosaic Stream

31 10 2007

by Tom Sine, Mustard Seed Associates

The New Conspirators cover“In the UK, more churches were planted in the last seven years than Starbucks were opened–over 1,000 churches compared to only 750 Starbucks coffee shops. Interestingly, most of these church plants were ethnic and multi-cultural.

“God is doing something through a new generation, as I report in The New Conspirators: Creating the Future One Mustard Seed At a Time, which will be published by IVP in 2008. I believe God is working through at least four streams: the emerging church, missional churches, mosaic church plants and the monastic movement. This issue of the Seed Sampler will attempt to describe what God is doing through those in the mosaic stream, which I define as multicultural church plants. While the emerging and missional leadership is overwhelmingly male and white, in this stream, God is doing something new through leaders from a number of different cultures.”

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The New Conspirators: Seed Smile–“Caucasian Adventures”

31 10 2007

Attention gamers! Members of the Story Games Discussion Boards attempted to develop a game called Caucasian Adventures, highlighting White Privilege in the style of the overly exaggerated, superficial and simplistic culture-themed RPGs (role-playing games–think Dungeons & Dragons). Below is a map submitted for consideration.

The World of Caucasia

The New Conspirators: Liturgy–Community (Thursday Evening)

31 10 2007

by Christine Sine, Mustard Seed Associates

God who is community come to us this night.

Embrace us in your love,

Unite us with your spirit,

Make us one in you.


God of all creation you come to us in community,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

Perfect relationship, perfect community

Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer, you come

The three in one, the one in three

You offer us community

That together we might grow spiritually

And become mature in Jesus Christ

We need your community

To keep us accountable to your call

For we are called to serve one another

We need your community

To equip and develop your Holy Spirit gifts

So that we can build one another up

We need your community

For prayer and encouragement

For fellowship and festivity, for worship of you

We need your community

To witness to your all-inclusive love

For only in community are we made whole

One people together, family of the living God

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The New Conspirators: Seed Share–Sanctuary Covenant Church in Minneapolis

31 10 2007

by Pastor Efrem Smith

Sanctuary logoSanctuary Covenant Church is an example of a Mosaic church plant that has created a richly multicultural community learning to share the gifts of God’s kingdom across the boundaries of race and class. The church is becoming a living, breathing model of the new family that Jesus was intent on creating. As you will see, one of their distinguishing characteristics is the focus outward on the needs of the people in the urban community of which they are a part in Minneapolis. The pastor of this innovative church plant, Efrem Smith, is also a co-author of the important book The Hip Hop Church. He will be joining us at MSA’s New Conspirators Conference at the end of February to share the story of Sanctuary Covenant.

Click here to read the profile of Sanctuary Covenant.

The New Conspirators: Seed Share–Quest Church in Seattle

31 10 2007

by Pastor Eugene Cho

New Sanctuary

Quest Church in Seattle is an innovative multicultural church plant in Seattle that reaches out to their community in creative ways with both word and deed mission. It started in 2000 as a coffee shop called Q Cafe, and recently merged with Interbay Covenant Church, which was next door. Pastor Eugene Cho raises important questions on his blog about everything from race and racialization to the recent crisis in Burma. Eugene will be speaking at our conference next February.

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The New Conspirators: Seed Share–Racism Is In the Eye of the Beholder

31 10 2007

by David Park, Next Gener.Asian Church

Caucasian Adventures“Racism is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t say this as a cute turn of phrase–I mean it in the sense of a well-known parable: you may call it a speck or a plank, but I assure you, it’s in your eye. The problem with racism is that we see what we want to see, but what we fail to see is how it affects our sight. Rather than acknowledge real differences in ethnicity and race, we choose to turn a blind eye to it as though plucking our eyes out would prevent the sin altogether. In our haste for the kingdom come, we gloss over tainted histories and plant quasi-innovative churches in the belief that good doctrine and right worship together will solve our differences. But don’t you see? We’ve been trying that for hundreds of years already.”

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The New Conspirators: Seed Share–Emerging Women

31 10 2007

by Julie Clawson, co-pastor of Via Christus Community Church, Chicago

God, the Mother

This month’s Seed Sampler is about the Mosaic stream of renewal, multicultural church plants that actively strive for ethnic diversity and reconciliation. One of the main themes of this stream is inclusivity, being welcoming to and affirming of people different from ourselves.

As an extension of that theme of inclusivity, we include this article on gender in the greater emerging church. Just as people of different races and cultures should gather together and seek understanding, so should men and women. You might be asking yourself, “Isn’t the church done with that? Haven’t women found equality in the church?” In come cases, yes, but as you will read in this article, in more cases, no.

This article is adapted from Julie Clawson’s personal blog, OneHandClapping. She is also an administrator and regular contributor to the Emerging Women blog.

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