The New Conspirators: Book Review

1 10 2007

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Seed Share: Review of The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch

by Timothy Friend, Friends pastor in California

the-forgotten-ways.jpgOriginally written for the Barclay Press Conversation Cafe ( Used with permission from Barclay and the author.

“Hirsch–who draws from experience as church leader, strategist, educator, and missional activist–explains his frustration with current modes of church, echoing many other contemporary leaders:

‘As we anxiously gaze into the future and delve into our history and traditions to retrieve missiological tools from the Christendom toolbox, many of us are left with the sinking feeling that this is simply not going to work. The tools and techniques that fitted previous eras of Western history simply don’t seem to work any longer. What we need now is a new set of tools. A new “paradigm”–a new vision of reality: a fundamental change in our thoughts, perceptions, and values, especially as they relate to our view of the church and mission (p. 17).'”

Read the review here.




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