The New Conspirators: Seed Share–Racism Is In the Eye of the Beholder

31 10 2007

by David Park, Next Gener.Asian Church

Caucasian Adventures“Racism is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t say this as a cute turn of phrase–I mean it in the sense of a well-known parable: you may call it a speck or a plank, but I assure you, it’s in your eye. The problem with racism is that we see what we want to see, but what we fail to see is how it affects our sight. Rather than acknowledge real differences in ethnicity and race, we choose to turn a blind eye to it as though plucking our eyes out would prevent the sin altogether. In our haste for the kingdom come, we gloss over tainted histories and plant quasi-innovative churches in the belief that good doctrine and right worship together will solve our differences. But don’t you see? We’ve been trying that for hundreds of years already.”

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3 responses

31 10 2007

Racism is whatever a minority tells you it is! Get with the “White Guilt”! We’re apparently to blame for everything forever – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

17 11 2007
David Park

jonolan, racism is not as relative of a construct as you assume it is. and “white guilt” is something i could at least appreciate rather than the smugness of your tone. you can mock it if you like, but i assure you that anger and rage at white privilege is a very real and palpable sentiment. as christians, we can pretend that when we sing together it magically goes away, but we are more than delusional to think that we’re spreading the gospel this way. so yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that…

18 11 2007


I can’t speak for the rest of the world since I’ve been living full-time in the US for over a decade now and expect that things have changed elsewhere, but in the US “Racism” as defined by the media and social “conscience” has been easy thing to call out when any member of any minority feels they’ve been slighted or call to account for their behavior.

Real racism is alive and well in the US, but this using the “Race Card” has degenerated into exactly what I was mocking – Racism is whatever a minority tells you it is! It is completely relative. Look around in the media – bad for news but good for sentiment – and see how race issues are portrayed.

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