Advent Resources 2007: Botticelli’s “Madonna of the Magnificat”

30 11 2007

from a sermon given by Rev. Ralph Carskadden

Madonna of the Magnificat 2

“When gazing at the splendid ‘Madonna of the Magnificat’ by Botticelli, contemporaries of the artist would have seen something very different from what we see. They would recognize every figure in the painting as a member of the Medici family. According to Wikipedia, the painting portrays the family of Piero de’ Medici, lord of Florence from 1492. His wife Lucrezia Tornabuoni is Mary, Lorenzo de’ Medici is the young man with the ink-pot, flanked by his brother Giuliano de’ Medici who is holding a book. Behind the two boys is Maria, while the two elder sisters are holding the crown in the background: Bianca on the left and Nannina on the right. The newborn is the daughter of Lorenzo, Lucrezia de’ Medici.

However, Botticelli might not have been the complete sellout to the ruling classes that this painting might indicate.”

Read the whole article here.




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