Advent Resources 2007: Hearing Old Testament Texts

30 11 2007

by Dennis Bratcher, CRI/Voice, Institute

the jesse tree“It is often easy to take the Old Testament readings for the season of Advent as little more than prologue, the preliminaries that set the stage for the main attraction. There is certainly one sense in which that is true as we focus on expectation, hope, and God’s future work in history. Liturgically, that does generate an eagerness to “move on,” especially as we anticipate the Second Advent in the Advent season.

Yet, in terms of understanding and faithfully proclaiming the message of the Old Testament as Scripture, we cannot so easily relegate it to such a secondary role. It is true that some perspectives on the nature of Scripture see the Old Testament, particularly the prophetic traditions, in terms of historical prediction that only awaits the unfolding of history to vindicate the truth of the prediction. The validity and authority of Scripture is then established by the direct correspondence of late events to that prediction.”

To read the whole article, click here.

To read about the Jesse Tree and to find out how to make one, click here.




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