Journey with Jesus–Lenten Resources

17 01 2008

Last year, Christine Sine developed a guide for Lent in response to the frustration of hearing friends say they would give up chocolate for Lent. There is much more to Lent that giving up a vice.

Posted below is the downloadable Lenten guide entitled “A Journey Into Wholeness.” Christine had hoped to update it for this year, but with conference planning, she has not had the time. It is still poignant and challenging, so please feel free to use it to get the most out of this important season of Lent.


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10 01 2008

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The New Conspirators: What in the World Is God Doing?

Join us at Bethany Community Church in Seattle, WA, on February 28, 29 and March 1, 2008 and find out.

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The New Conspirators: “Nuns Having Fun”

2 01 2008

Nuns Having Fun 2006

Want a calendar for 2008? Click here.

The New Conspirators: Modern Monasticism

2 01 2008

by Tom Sine, Mustard Seed Associates

Women back in school

“The monastic stream is different from the other three streams in several important ways. First, most of the groups in the monastic stream have no interest in church planting. Second, while large numbers of twenty- and thirty-year-olds are involved, it is also comprised of a larger number of the over-forty crowd than the other three streams. Is is also significantly more multicultural and multinational than the emerging and missional streams.”

Read the whole article here.

The New Conspirators: Community Liturgy

2 01 2008

from the Boiler Room,

God, we pray for our community,

Our cymbrogi, our ‘companions of the heart.’

We ask you to be the centre of who we are

Be the God who guides our steps

May we be a Christ-like community,

Humble, loving and available to your leading.”

Read the whole prayer here.

For an example of a Boiler Room daily liturgy, click here.

The New Conspirators: Why a Monastic Rule?

2 01 2008

by Christine Sine, Mustard Seed Associates

“I was introduced to monastic rules of life in rather an unusual way. I love mystery stories, and was delighted when, about 15 years ago, I discovered a series of novels set in the 12th century in an abbey at Shrewsbury on the Welsh-English border. Brother Cadfael, a “squat, barrel-chested, bandy-legged veteran of fifty-seven,” first swept into my life in A Morbid Taste for Bone, journeying into Wales to bring back the bones of Saint Winifred as patron saint for the Abbey.”

Continue reading Christine’s reflection on the importance of monastic rules here.

The New Conspirators: New Monasticism

2 01 2008

by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove,

Monk Beer“In the belly of the paradox that is American Christianity, God is moving to create new monastic communities to help the church in America remember resurrection. Though the signs of the time suggest that it is hard to be a Christian in America, there are also signs that God is doing something new in places that have been overlooked and abandoned by our society. Stumbling to follow Jesus myself, I found my way into some of these communities and learned to read the Bible anew with them. The story of the people of God came alive in that context, and I began to see how God has moved through the centuries to remind the church of her true identity through monastic movements. Monasticism, I learned, is not about achieving some sort of individual or communal piety. It is about helping the church be the church.”

Read the whole article here.