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10 01 2008

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The New Conspirators: What in the World Is God Doing?

Join us at Bethany Community Church in Seattle, WA, on February 28, 29 and March 1, 2008 and find out.

For more information visit: thenewconspirators.wordpress.com

The deadline for early registration has been extended to Monday, Jan. 14th! Don’t miss this opportunity to attend at a discounted rate!
Register here: thenewconspirators.eventbrite.com

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30 10 2007

House Concert with Tracy Howe of the Restoration Village

Host: Mustard Seed Associates
When? Saturday, November 3, 2007 – 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Where? Shafer-Baillie Mansion 907 14th Ave E Seattle, WA

Contact: mail@msainfo.org

Come for a concert at the Shafer Baillie Mansion in Capitol Hill to benefit Mustard Seed Associates and the Restoration Village.

Suggested donation: $10

About Tracy Howe and the Restoration Project:

RestorationVillage.com is the home to Tracy Howe, The Restoration Project, and the individuals and communities knit together around them. The Restoration Project is a vision of musical and artistic partnership. It is founded upon the eternal hope of a loving creator and a belief that artists able to express anything about this hope and creator become a vehicle for spiritual and relational restoration.

Tracy Howe, visionary and lead artist of the group, was born in Boulder, CO and now live in a small mountain town called Woodland Park, CO. She was classically trained on the piano from the age of five and began writing music by the time she was 12. Her first two albums were recorded during her college years in a basement studio. Aaron Strumpel, native of rural Iowa and currently residing in Boulder, CO, traveled with Tracy from 2002-2006. Aaron is now an accomplished solo artist and worship leader, and remains an important foundational part of The Restoration Project.

Tracy began traveling full time in 2000. It was not so much her ambition or desire for rock stardom that led her to book her first tour, but a desire to connect with people. Three years and 400 shows later, her vision was refined and she was more focused than ever on bringing hope to broken people through music and relationship. Because of her desire to serve people and communities in the margins, The Restoration Project became a 501 (c ) 3 nonprofit in 2003 and “Restoration Village” was launched as a platform to share the resources and relationships gained through years of partenrship and touring.

The Restoration Project traveled under the radar of industry and pop culture. Without the attention of media the group played on nearly 100 university campuses in 40 different states relying on relationships and new listeners to keep them moving forward. In 2005 the band was selected out of thousands of artists for the national NACA showcase (National Association for Colleges and Activities), the largest college booking showcase in the nation. Touring was focused on college and university campuses, but The Restoration Project has also visited prisons, drug rehab centers, inner city shelters and continues to visit communities throughout Latin America and the world.

International Work
The Restoration Project maintains an active tour schedule in general market venues but in her current season, Tracy has been focused on deepening relationships with a handful of communities in the US and South America, developing and sharing international resources (she speaks and sings in Spanish and Portuguese as well) and exploring alternative and sustainable models of touring and artistry (like HOUSE CONCERTS) that release people into their work, regardless of socio–economic situations or community size. Desiring deeply to help pioneers all over the world in bringing the presence of Jesus to their communities…and nations, Tracy is leading combined efforts to build helping networks in North, Central and South America.

2 07 2007

Volunteer Opportunities at MSA

Volunteers to help with administrative office work If interested please contact Christine Sine christine@msainfo.org

  • An administrative assistant to co-ordinate Tom & Christine Sine’s speaking scheduleThis position would require knowledge of word & powerpoint.  The person would need to be available 2-4 hours per week. 
    • Work with Sines to confirm details of event.
    • Add new events to MSA schedule,
    • book tickets & car if necessary, check on housing, contact information for arrival, mapquest directions if necessary,
    • print out articles if necessary for them to take with them,
    • Visit websites of organization hosting event & download photos that can be used in powerpoint presentations. 
    • Help Sines with design of powerpoint presentation. 
  • An administrative assistant to answer email and written correspondence that comes to MSA.  This person would require familiarity with Microsoft word.  This position would require one person who could be available 2 hours per day or several people who could be available 1-2 hours per week. 
    • Open email each morning, distribute enquiries to appropriate staff person.
    • Work with MSA director to respond to general enquiries about co-housing, futures’ research, & community. 
  • MSA resource co-ordinator
    • Inventory MSA books & keep track of those sold or given away
    • pack box of books for each event, mail for distant events, unpack box after event
    • record book sales & give aways, keep book inventory up to date, put price slips in books
    • Photocopy MSA booklets & greeting cards if necessary
    • order books from publisher when needed –
      • about 1 hour / week on average
  • Help co-ordinate local Seattle conversations

Mustard Seed Associates holds evening conversations in Seattle on diverse topics once every 2-3 months.   This volunteer would need to have some organizational and writing skills

    • Work with MSA program co-ordinator to confirm location, speakers & time,
    • add event to online schedule & MSA home page scroll bar,
    • Set up registration on Eventbrite account, & excel sheet for registrations.
    • send out email invites – 3 months, 1 month, 1 week before event,
    • Prepare event postcard & distribute to churches & organizations that may be interested
    • Do preparation for evening – get items together for event – books, sign up sheets, business cards, dessert items, cups & plates  
    • Attend event, help with room set up, tea & coffee making & dessert serving, sell books & other MSA products, get new attendees to sign up for MSA emails, make sure event gets recorded on digital recorder,
    • get recording to website manager to load onto website.
    • Write short report and start discussion on www.mustardseedjourney.wordpress.com  
      • 1-2 hours/week plus evening of event
  • Help co-ordinate workshops – MSA organizes workshops in the Pacific NW every 2-3 months.  We require one or 2 people who would be available 1-2 hours per week to help co-ordinate these events and assist MSA staff to send out publicity. 
    • Workshop co-ordinator
      • confirm details of event,
      • add event to online schedule,
      • Set up registration on Eventbrite account, & excel sheet for registrations.
      • Develop event postcard & distribute to churches & organizations
      • Send pre-event materials to registrants if necessary
      • Photocopy registration materials & get ready for event
      • Make sure box of books, sign up sheets, business cards, coloured markers, flipchart & paper, meal items, cups & plates get to event. 
      • Order meals if necessary.
    • Event publicity – could be a separate job of 1 -2 hours per week
      • design flyer,
      • send invitation to MSA mailing list 3 months in advance, 1 month in advance, 1 week in advance. 
      • Contact key local friends & church leaders to make them aware of event and send invitation
      • Send bulletin inserts to local churches
      • Send announcements to local papers & websites.
    • Day of event  – help with set up, registration, resource sales & meals. – could be a separate job 1 day ever 2-3 months. 

The Conspiracy Lives! MSA Conference 2008

25 06 2007

+ The Conspiracy Lives! +

What on earth is God doing?


Mustard Seed Associates Conference

February 28, 29 & March 1, 2008


Stay tuned for more info.


Save the date.

Summer events

25 06 2007

A couple of weeks ago we held our first Celitc workshop Thin Space: Learning from the Celtic Saits, at the Mustard Seed House. It was a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the impact that this wonderful Christian tradition has had on our faith and on our lives today. At the end of the workshop we asked participants to write prayers based on some of what we had discussed. Read more on Christine Sine’s blog.

Our next event is the writer’s workshop July 14th. There is still space if you would like to join us

The Journey Continues

16 04 2007

Now that Easter is over we are starting to plan for our events for the rest of the year and beyond.
We have an exciting summer planned and hope that you will be able to join us at one of our upcoming events

Thin Space:Celtic Christianity Learning Party  June 9th 9am – 1pm at the Mustard Seed House in Seattle.  Explore Celtic Christianity and the wonderful prayers and traditions that still impact our faith today.

Emerging Writers Workshop: July 14th 8am – 4pm at the Mustard Seed House in Seattle.  Interact with young and not so young writers as we explore the art of non fiction writing together.

16th Annual Celtic Prayer Retreat: August 17th – 19th.  Join us on Camano Island for a time of contemplative prayer, reflection and fellowship.  Spend the day (Saturday) or camp on the land with us for the weekend.

If you are interested in attending the Celtic Learning Party or Emerging Writers Workshop but will be coming from outside Seattle and need a place to stay email us at mail@msainfo.org and we will try to help.

Save the Date: February 28th – March 1, 2008  will be our next MSA conference.  This is an opportunity to hear from and get creative with brothers and sisters from around the world and across a broad spectrum of denominations and ages.  Join us as we explore our rapidly changing world and how we as God’s people can make a difference in our churches and communities.

If you would like to host an MSA event in your area contact us at mail@msainfo.org