2 07 2007

Volunteer Opportunities at MSA

Volunteers to help with administrative office work If interested please contact Christine Sine christine@msainfo.org

  • An administrative assistant to co-ordinate Tom & Christine Sine’s speaking scheduleThis position would require knowledge of word & powerpoint.  The person would need to be available 2-4 hours per week. 
    • Work with Sines to confirm details of event.
    • Add new events to MSA schedule,
    • book tickets & car if necessary, check on housing, contact information for arrival, mapquest directions if necessary,
    • print out articles if necessary for them to take with them,
    • Visit websites of organization hosting event & download photos that can be used in powerpoint presentations. 
    • Help Sines with design of powerpoint presentation. 
  • An administrative assistant to answer email and written correspondence that comes to MSA.  This person would require familiarity with Microsoft word.  This position would require one person who could be available 2 hours per day or several people who could be available 1-2 hours per week. 
    • Open email each morning, distribute enquiries to appropriate staff person.
    • Work with MSA director to respond to general enquiries about co-housing, futures’ research, & community. 
  • MSA resource co-ordinator
    • Inventory MSA books & keep track of those sold or given away
    • pack box of books for each event, mail for distant events, unpack box after event
    • record book sales & give aways, keep book inventory up to date, put price slips in books
    • Photocopy MSA booklets & greeting cards if necessary
    • order books from publisher when needed –
      • about 1 hour / week on average
  • Help co-ordinate local Seattle conversations

Mustard Seed Associates holds evening conversations in Seattle on diverse topics once every 2-3 months.   This volunteer would need to have some organizational and writing skills

    • Work with MSA program co-ordinator to confirm location, speakers & time,
    • add event to online schedule & MSA home page scroll bar,
    • Set up registration on Eventbrite account, & excel sheet for registrations.
    • send out email invites – 3 months, 1 month, 1 week before event,
    • Prepare event postcard & distribute to churches & organizations that may be interested
    • Do preparation for evening – get items together for event – books, sign up sheets, business cards, dessert items, cups & plates  
    • Attend event, help with room set up, tea & coffee making & dessert serving, sell books & other MSA products, get new attendees to sign up for MSA emails, make sure event gets recorded on digital recorder,
    • get recording to website manager to load onto website.
    • Write short report and start discussion on www.mustardseedjourney.wordpress.com  
      • 1-2 hours/week plus evening of event
  • Help co-ordinate workshops – MSA organizes workshops in the Pacific NW every 2-3 months.  We require one or 2 people who would be available 1-2 hours per week to help co-ordinate these events and assist MSA staff to send out publicity. 
    • Workshop co-ordinator
      • confirm details of event,
      • add event to online schedule,
      • Set up registration on Eventbrite account, & excel sheet for registrations.
      • Develop event postcard & distribute to churches & organizations
      • Send pre-event materials to registrants if necessary
      • Photocopy registration materials & get ready for event
      • Make sure box of books, sign up sheets, business cards, coloured markers, flipchart & paper, meal items, cups & plates get to event. 
      • Order meals if necessary.
    • Event publicity – could be a separate job of 1 -2 hours per week
      • design flyer,
      • send invitation to MSA mailing list 3 months in advance, 1 month in advance, 1 week in advance. 
      • Contact key local friends & church leaders to make them aware of event and send invitation
      • Send bulletin inserts to local churches
      • Send announcements to local papers & websites.
    • Day of event  – help with set up, registration, resource sales & meals. – could be a separate job 1 day ever 2-3 months.