The Seed Sampler

What started as a small monthly newsletter containing updates of MSA events is now a full-blown e-zine boasting writers and contributors from around the world. We cover topics ranging Co-housing and the Emerging Church to Indigenous Peoples and International Health. This space will be used to post the most popular articles from our archives. Links to parts of our current issues will be posted on the blog. If you would like to receive the email version of The Seed Sampler, sign up for the mailing list on the website:


Christine Sine, “We Got Rhythm, But What Kind?” September 2006 issue Godspace

Ricci Kilmer, “To Eat Fair Trade or Not,” October 2006 issue Food Justice

Christine Sine, “The Challenge of Global Health,” November 2006 issue Global Health

Tom Sine, “Take Back Your Life in 2007,” January 2007 issue Take Back Your Life

Christine Sine, “Journey With Jesus Toward the Cross,” February 2007 issue Journey Into Lent

Caroline Gillespie, “The Rhythm of Feasting and Fasting,” March 2007 issue Feasting and Fasting

Tom Sine, “Invitation to Inspired Imagination,” April 2007 issue Faith and Art

Heart of an Abolitionist: An Interview with Rob Morris,” May 2007 issue Abolishing Human Trafficking

James Lee, “The Modern Middle East,” June 2007 issue Peace in the Middle East

Tom Sine, “MSA – A Small Beginning,” July 2007 issue MSA Update

Dewi Hughes, “Ecclesiology and Ethnicity,” August 2007 issue Indigenous Peoples and Christianity

Tom Sine, “Touring the Emerging Stream,” September 2007 issue The New Conspirators: Emerging Church

Tom Sine, “Missional Stream: Consider Moving Mission to the Center of Congregational Life,” October 2007 issue The New Conspirators: Missional Church

Tom Sine, “Intro to the Mosaic Stream,” November 2007 issue The New Conspirators: Mosaic Church

Christine Sine, “Living In Joyful Anticipation,” December 2007 issue Advent 2007

Tom Sine, “Modern Monasticism,” January 2008 issue The New Conspirators: Modern Monasticism


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6 10 2007
What Shoots Adrenaline Into Your Souls? « Godspace

[…] , Images of Jesus , consumerism   This me church video which we linked to in the last MSA Seed Sampler has been a real hit.  The sad thing to me is that this is really how many people view church.  We […]

13 11 2007
Advent is a Family Affair « The Mustard Seed House (MSH)

[…] Advent is a Family Affair Posted on November 13, 2007 by Christine Sine Here is a great article that Ricci wrote last year for the MSA Seed Sampler. […]

28 11 2007
James Wheeler

Hey. I am leading a group of people in Calgary AB in a fairly large church who want to explore and try and live out some more wholistic and mustard seed sorts of ways. We are just getting started and are trying to dream and think about how to move forward. I suggested we read Toms book Mustard seed vs. Mcworld and they liked the idea. Do you have about 10 of these books available? I thought it might be cool to go directly to you folks than through Amazon or CBD. We are trying to come up with some creative ways to do Christmas that are not riddled by consumerism…any suggestions you might have we would be grateful for. Thanks.

28 11 2007
Christine Sine

Yes James we do have 10 copies available. You can order them from the website. Click on the resource tab. We very much appreciate you thinking about ordering through us.

28 11 2007
Judy Naegeli

Also, at and, there are ideas for “greener holidays” and “Buy Nothing Christmas” respectively. There are LOTS of great ideas for not letting consumerism take control of your holiday.

22 10 2009

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23 10 2009

I went to public schools where the majority of the students and teachers were white. ,

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